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Our years of experience and close links with all of the lighting system manufacturers ensure that you are always being offered the best solution for your needs.

All services are price on enquiry, please message us direct to find out more. 

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Lighting Consultancy 

Our role is to ensure that we keep abreast of the developments in broadcast lighting so we can offer an up to date consultancy service. By working closely with the end user we can design a system that meets their needs precisely. 
     Projects Department can offer assistance in this area and can negotiate on your behalf with the suppliers of your choice to ensure the most appropriate product is offered at the best price.
     Our years of experience and close links with all of the lighting system manufacturers ensure that you are always being offered the best solution for your needs. Projects Department can extend a full turnkey solution and supply, install and commission the complete system.


Project Management

The coordination of all of the aspects concerned with the fitting out of an entertainment lighting system can be complex. Not only does the installation of the lighting system need to be performed in an orderly manner but the integration of the lighting systems with all the other aspects that make up the venue need to be carefully integrated.
     With our many years of project management experience and by working closely with the other trades involved we can ensure that the correct products arrive on site at the most opportune moment ready to be installed in sequence.


Installation Services

The installation of a lighting system can be a relatively simple task. However, there are a number of factors to be considered to ensure a trouble free and successful installation. These include factors such as sight lines for the audience, ensuring signal segregation to eliminate noise and not least compliance with the relevant regulations.
     For simple installations we can brief your own installation contractor in the most appropriate installation methods to ensure a trouble free installation. For larger projects or where you wish to use our own installation team we can offer the services of fully trained electricians and mechanical fitters. All of our installation work is conducted in line with the relevant European regulations and we will additionally take into consideration any local regulations that are applicable.
Finally we complete our installation with the issue of "as built" drawings.


Television Lighting

Projects Department are specialists in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and handover of television lighting systems. This is our mainstay operation and we take pride in offering a flexible design service that ensures your needs are met using the most appropriate equipment. We have many years experience in designing lighting systems for new studios or for adapting existing studios as part of a refurbishment.

We can offer solutions for broadcast lighting, studio lighting, film and location lighting, OB vans, portable lighting kits, lighting stands and grip, web casting, lighting control systems, dimmers and mains distribution systems.

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