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Optic Green Paint 2013


Ensure surface to be painted is sound, clean and degreased

Treat new plaster and filled areas with stabilising solution

Apply an appropriate Bristol compatible undercoat and or primer to new work with an appropriate matt white

All Bristol colours can be diluted with water and intermixed within the same palette range.

Application by brush, roller, conventional or HVLP spray method.

Further durability is achieved by addition of one of a range of specific water based lacquers and coatings


Drying Time: Surface will usually be touch dry within 1 hour, complete bonding process will take approx. 2 days at 20C and 50% humidity

Re-Coat: After 2 hours

Coverage: Approx. 8m2 per litre / 6.5m2 per kg, depending on porosity of substrate

Adhesion: excellent on most sound, well prepared, undercoated and/or primed surfaces

Optic Green Paint 2013

SKU: Bristol2013
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