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Doughty lightweight stand

Designed for a more elegant appearance than a Tank Trap, the Lightweight Stand comprises a flat round plate and slim 32mm tube, slotted at each end to allow cables to run internally.

The 600mm circular baseplate with carry handle and stacking slot is fitted with a 28mm spigot bolted in the centre to secure the tube.

This allows the stand to be dismantled for storage. Each end of the tube is fitted with a 29mm receiver, to attach to the baseplate at one end, and to an industry standard 28mm Euro Spigot (T74303) at the other.

A speaker may be fitted using either a Speaker Adaptor (T51000) or a Speaker Spigot (T74400)

The lightweight Stand is designed for lightweight applications below 10KG, and is available with 1500mm, and 2000mm tubes.

Manufactured by Doughty engineering.

Satin Black as standard, White and other colours available on request.

Doughty Lightweight Stand

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