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Doughty 3 point receiver

The 3 Point Receiver has been carefully designed to incorporate the following three safety points.

1. A 6mm diameter pin designed to take the initial load quickly and safely.

2. Our standard sword pin which allows 360 rotation.

3. A Doughty knob which enables the luminaire to be locked at a chosen point of rotation.

The 3 Point Receiver has a SWL of 100Kg and accepts 28mm (1-1/8”) Spigots of either Euro or Din spec.

This receiver can be factory fitted to the majority of our aluminium clamp range and also be fitted to pantographs on request.

There is a 12mm mounting hole for use with clamps and two 6mm holes for other applications.

Receivers can be fitted by an authorised service agent.

Manufactured by Doughty engineering.


Doughty 3 Point Receiver

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