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Cinepower Magnum 60

Power at its finest. Reliable, Solid and Powerful.

 Magnum 60 is a truly unique battery that leaves the competition way behind.


Magnum 60 is an ultra high capacity 24-28Volt battery with 12-14Volt auxiliary outputs.  Multiple output sockets, with Voltage and current monitoring are provided for maximum versatility.


Magnum 60 battery is rated at a whopping 864 Watt hours, a seriously heavy duty battery perfectly suited to a production environment with a demand for continuous power.


The battery is designed to provide 60Ah at 12V-14V and 30Ah at 24-28 V with simultaneous low and high voltages also available.

The battery incorporates easy to read Led displays of both Current and Voltage as well as a battery level indicator to allow the operator to easily monitor their power usage


Every company that owns a Magnum 60 is able to rely on the battery to perform at its best, time and time again. From the boiling heat of the desert to the freezing cold of the snowy mountain sets, Magnum 60 is able to deliver the Power you need to keep shooting.


When the battery needs re-charging we are able to do this very well with our proven intelligent fast charge system.

We are the only company able to reliably fast charge high capacity 15 Ah NiMh batteries.


The ability to properly charge the battery means you will get the best possible performance from the battery and your equipment will operate as it should.


Magnum 60 is constructed using the very latest NiMh technology, and it is because of this, the battery is able to deliver the power demanded of it without any of the limitations of other battery chemistries.


All the batteries made by Cine Power International are “Safe to Fly”. Our batteries are safe to travel without any restrictions, making shipping your gear that little bit easier.

Cinepower Magnum 60

  • Dimensions: 214 x 254 x 205mm

    Weight: 18kg

    Electrical characteristics: NiMH 

    14v HD Single Output: 60Ah

    14V 28V Film Double Output: 30Ah

    14V 24V 28V HD Triple Output: 60Ah

    Low Voltage Run Time: 100W 8.5 hours, 150W 5.5 hours, 300W 2.75 hours

    High Voltage Run Time: 50W 17 hours, 100W 8.5 hours, 250W 3.5 hours.

    Outputs: Low voltage: XLR-14V 

                       High voltage: Lemo:14V and 24V is available through the LEMO socket simultaneously.


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